4 Sharp Ways to Save on Cloud Expenses

Companies across the globe naturally opt for cloud services. No wonder the benefits of these platforms far outweigh the traditional features of hardware solutions. So why are 90% of firms choosing the cloud? Among many, some reasons are increased business agility, easy disaster recovery, cost-efficiency and collaboration performance. And although this universal tool speeds up about any business activity, all costs added up can still be a considerable burden for IT decision-makers. Looking to save on cloud expenses? The trick is to understand the cloud and invest money smartly. So, get ready because we'll show you 4 sharp ways to save on cloud expenses.


Manage the Usage of your Cloud

As many cloud solutions are based on a usage license, it may be unwise to leave apps running constantly. By recognizing which programs are unused during which times, your IT team can set up an automatic switch off and on and thus avoid extra cloud expenses. 


Another cloud usage plan may be valuable in cloud storage. When strategizing how to store data efficiently, like minimizing unnecessary multiple copies and deleting no longer in-use files, companies can produce new cloud cost savings instantly.


Generating a consistent plan in switching off unused apps and data storage costs nothing and helps manage IT costs. See our virtualization products, select yours and optimize your cloud today!


Build a Unified Cloud Platform

Most of us use multiple cloud-based tools, however forgetting to interlink them can make our platform too complex, inefficient and expensive. Adopting a UCP (Unified Cloud Platform) facilitates better scalability, availability, quality of service and security, but most importantly, it secures lower operational IT costs. 


Invest in Automation

Public, Private and Hybrid clouds all include manual tasks that can be automated. 

The most common are performing data back-ups, Infrastructure-as-Code management, and version controls for workflows. Companies that develop cloud task automatizations benefit from increased organizational innovation and primarily reduced IT costs. Need help with cloud automation? Let us know, we know how to help!


Data Center Migration 

Another way to save both storage space and capital is through relocating on-premise data centers onto the cloud. Operating apps via virtual machines also increase security and mobility. So forget slow computer headaches and get so many benefits from cloud solutions.



When aiming for cloud infrastructure optimization, always ask ettea.services experts. We are pros at setting up an environment that is easy to use, always available, affordable and reliable.