Does digital transformation lead to higher profits and why is it important?

Digital transformation is an inevitable step that most organizations are forced to take in order to survive. As a result of last year's restrictive measures happening worldwide, more and more companies have started investing in new solutions to digitize and automate their working environment. Whilst some virtualize their infrastructure or move towards contactless solutions, others integrate their broad range of applications. But why are so many CEOs motivated to set up new digital tools, and do companies actually boost their revenues with digital transformation? This article explores several benefits that result from undergoing a digital transformation and reveals that it doesn't have to be as frightening as you may think. 


Key benefits of Digital Transformation

Employee Productivity and Satisfaction

One angle to look at digital transformation is from the eyes of the firm's workforce. Exchanging excel files, meeting online with the team, answering customer requests, or producing a new business strategy demands a network of tools that work faster, safer, and simpler than ever. A 2019 survey by Zensar reveals:


68% of employees aged 18 - 34 claim that utilizing proper digital tools "makes them more productive". The report also discovered that digital transformation "would result in better worker morale and speed up boring tasks" among all age groups.


Both young and mature white-collar workers demonstrate a desire to function efficiently and effectively in their position with the help of recent technological tools. Efficiency, however, is found to be promoted by digital transformation in other business areas as well. 


Efficiency and Profitability

When examining what the slowing factors and boundaries of business performance are, many managers would point out a bottleneck in their supply chain while others seem to battle with manual data entry. The difficulties that stay in the way of a smoothly working process are endless and digital transformation can help. Isaac Sacolick, a digital transformation guru, says:


"Digitally transformed businesses typically develop an ecosystem that blurs the lines between supply chain, partner, customer, crowd, and employee and both strategy and execution are heavily influenced by this ecosystem." 


By minimizing unnecessary obstacles in completing business tasks, convenient digital tools facilitate space for an efficient strategy and business process, which may be the missing piece in generating extra revenues. 



Unquestionably, companies are required to respond, deliver, and care for customers in a heartbeat in this time and age. The role of digital technology in the task of serving clients is apparent. By asking What are the expectations of customers, and how would they react to a dated experience?, managers must see the significance of modern mechanisms. Connecting devices and tailoring software within a corporation stimulates customer satisfaction and loyalty. Additionally, contemporary digital tools are a tremendous instrument to collect insights from consumer interactions and to keep improving. 


We Say Yes to Digital Transformation

Firms are gradually coming to realize that unforeseen modifications in the market or local economies are easier to conquer when their communication platforms are accessible, united, and up to date. Moreover, adapting to recent digitization tendencies isn't just a trend but a necessity to stay in the loop and keep customers and employees happy. Additionally, digital transformation is a way to improve business processes and enable organisations to generate greater profits. Thankfully, the process of digital transformation can be relatively simple if firms collaborate with specialists who develop the best infrastructure design customized for them. By adjusting individual programs or establishing a whole new network, IT experts may promptly fix the boundaries that many businesses of today face.


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