Start achieving business goals: align your IT Strategy!

What is an IT strategy?

A business IT strategy is more than just hiring a technician and buying new computers every once in a while. A good IT strategy strives to complement your business strategy and refine how and which technology is used to achieve business goals. A prosperous IT strategy includes short-term and long-term objectives, a technology roadmap, a step-by-step timeline, a list of improvements and a cost and duration estimate. But why take that extra step and focus on the activities listed above?


Benefits of a successful IT strategy

Whether your company is the size of 3 employees or 3000, a go-to technical plan can significantly encourage the efficiency and success of your business. Being ahead of outdated devices and bugged software while also assigning responsibility for who does what helps enterprises control their actions and boost performance. Moreover, a powerful IT strategy that has a software and hardware purchasing plan identifies bottlenecks and eliminates duplicates lowers IT and operational costs in the long term. And all of these combined considerably affect your competitive advantage! So, what do you think about an IT strategy now?


How to align strategies

You might be thinking that all of this sounds great, but where do I start and how do I implement such a strategy that would complement my business? No worries! Our experts have created a guide to aligning your business and IT strategy.


1. Understand your business

Whether you're planning to generate a breakthrough IT strategy, implement any kind of change or just carry on with your business as it is, you need to understand your company from top to bottom. 

2. Inspect existing tools and infrastructure

When preparing an IT strategy, knowing what technology you own and which employee uses what is crucial. Having a clear overview of your existing infrastructure allows you to update outdated tools, exclude unused instruments and or align new solutions among departments and activities.

3. Eliminate gaps 

To successfully align your IT throughout your whole company, communicate. Your "tech guy" ought to know what his sales colleagues are currently working on, as well as the other way around. Moreover, the language barriers of different divisions often cause misalignment gaps. Work on facilitating proper communication to ensure well functioning collaboration.

4. Strategic goals

Write out your business goals and start refining long-term and short-term IT objectives that are clear and support your business. To make the visualisation of your strategy understandable a roadmap may help.


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