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Windows Server Remote Access Configuration

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Remote Access is a server role in Microsoft Windows Server that provides administrators with a dashboard for managing, configuring, and monitoring network access. We install and configure the Windows Server Remote Access Services according to your demands and solve all the technical challenges. Our team members have long-time hands-on experience with Microsoft-related technologies. It doesn't matter if your ideas are related to a big solution or need technical assistance with a specific technology. 

We support the installation and configuration of Windows Server Remote Access Services in many ways. You can choose your way, or you leave this to our Experts. 

Supported installation and configuration options:

  • on the physical server
  • on the virtual server on the virtualization platform (VMware ESXi or Microsoft Hyper-V)
  • clean install
  • in-place upgrade
  • migration

According to Microsoft Product and Services Lifecycle Informationthis service includes all currently supported Windows Server versions. 

We always try to find a working and cost-effective solution regarding best practices, security, and technology design recommendations.

We bring more IT efficiency to your business:

  • we accelerate the time it takes to transform your ideas into reality
  • we have the right people for the right tasks
  • do not waste your time and money

Included in the service:

  • Task summary
  • Solution design and description
  • Configuration implementation

The service includes the product installation and features configuration based on the chosen variant. Please be noted that some features are related to appropriate software packages and/or licenses.

How to enjoy our services:

  1. Choose the configuration package
  2. Book the initial project consultation for free
  3. Manage the service with our Expert

During the initial project consultation, please be prepared and share your documentation, current configurations, diagrams, and ideas related to the task. It will help us to understand your thoughts or issues clearly.

This service is suitable for running a Windows server on physical hardware or in a virtual environment.

Windows Server Services, Roles, and Features Troubleshooting is a service that can help you make your current or new server solution more effective. For bulk end-user migration to the new solution Rent An IT Expert for Smart Tasks is a very useful service.

Microsoft services Design or Rent an IT Expert is our tailored services to help you take a significant step forward. Check it out now, or do not hesitate to ask.

Package deals:

Some configurations are requested more often, and we have prepared regular packages, which can suit common configuration challenges. 

Standard configuration package (up to 6 hours):

    • One Windows Server Remote Access server installation and configuration
    • Standard Remote Access Services configuration included
      • Service installation
      • Initial service set-up
      • Server network settings on the Remote Access server
      • DirectAccess and VPN, DirectAccess only, or VPN only deployment
      • Security groups with DirectAccess clients
      • Remote Access server settings
      • Infrastructure servers configuration
    • Estimated Time To Complete 6 hours
    • Service delivery time 1 day

    Premium configuration package (up to 8 hours):

    • One Windows Server Remote Access server installation and configuration
    • Advanced Remote Access Services configuration included
      • All Standard features
      • Application servers configuration
      • Alternate GPOs configuration
    • Estimated Time To Complete 8 hours
    • Service delivery time 2 days

    For more information or assistance to choose the right variant, please send us your request by Get a free quote.




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