• 4 Sharp Ways to Save on Cloud Expenses

    Why are 90% of firms choosing the cloud? Among many, some reasons are increased business agility, easy disaster recovery, cost-efficiency and collaboration performance. But all costs added up can still be a considerable burden for IT decision-makers. Looking to save on cloud expenses? Read our blog!
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    Ready to implement effective changes to your business? Your IT can be your best friend! Our experts have created a guide to aligning your business and IT strategy to achieve business goals and gain a competitive advantage.
  • How large is your digital footprint and why does it matter?

    You probably know that, as an internet user, you leave plenty of information behind. But what might be surprising is how much data is collected - from your searches, shares, clicks, messages to how long you view a video for or which browser you use. What is a digital footprint and what can you do to reduce it?
  • 4 Reasons Why Software Updates Are More Important Than You Might Think

    Did you know that postponing a software update for too long can be harmful to your security and device health? Updating your general software and other apps ought to be in your best interest as it offers both security and user-experience benefits. Click here to read more about the 4 reasons why updating your software is extremely important.
  • Do our phones listen to our conversations? About app tracking and personalized ads

    If you're a social media or browser user, you probably get flooded by thousands of ads each day. By following these tips, you can increase your privacy and limit your activity tracking.


    BEC is an emerging worldwide cyber issue targeting all organizations regardless of location, size or sector, which damaged over 19,369 sufferers last year in the US alone. What are BEC scams, and how can individual email users detect them?
  • 4 Strategies to Increase your Workplace Productivity with Technology

    What can we do to help employees focus on their tasks as effectively in the office as they do at home? We say technology! The list below points out numerous IT tricks to promote productivity at a workplace.

    Data loss disasters can be a real stumbling block in an organization's regular flow. To avoid such undesirable situation,employees should follow one main principle: backing up their data. Read our guide to see the best Data-backup solutions and decide what fits!
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    When was the last time you've backed up your data? We all know that it's necessary to do things that prevent cyber-attacks regularly, but many of us commit unconscious mistakes that can seriously jeopardize our data security. Our experts present the five most common data security mistakes, which employees and managers should avoid at all costs.

    We all store, backup, retrieve and share data through the cloud, but why do some firms migrate their activities onto a hybrid cloud? The perks hybrid cloud adopters derive from a dual data storage architecture seem to be more valuable than maintaining a single information storage platform. This article explains what hybrid cloud computing is and presents the benefits of adopting a dual cloud architecture.
  • Use These Productivity Apps and Software to Boost Your Performance

    We've all had those days when trying to write up that long report was just hopeless, and drinking one coffee after another did not help finish that important presentation. Whether you need reminders to get back on track or just organize your chores and meetings to be on top of everything, our favorite apps can help. 
  • 6 Best Information Technology (IT) Tips and Tricks for Successful Businesses

    Companies of all sizes are reliant on their information platforms in one way or another. But do all of us extract the most out of our computer networks to strike the best benefits? Out IT experts have listed the six most effective IT tips and tricks that all firms need to follow to remain ahead.