Rent an IT GEEK for 1 man-day (8 hours). Please select your preferred technology.

Hi there, I'm an engineer ready to face all manual IT tasks, whether it is fixing whatever is slowing down your IT environment or designing a new infrastructure. I speak tech fluently, but human as well! What can I help with? Quick fixes or larger tasks in areas like network configuration, server virtualization, network cyber security, or IT network/infrastructure integrations!

Let's refresh your network with fixes that will make an impact.

The ETTEA Services IT geek offers a wide range of day-to-day IT skills but is more than ready to take on larger projects as well! Need to design, install, configure the devices or troubleshoot? Search no more! The IT Geek specialises in:

• Networking and WiFi systems

• Advanced Network Security

• Vmware Virtualization

• Microsoft Server core services

• Veeam Backup and Replication services

What systems does our IT Geek work with? Microsoft, Cisco, Meraki, Vmware, Veeam and Palo Alto.

You already have an IT representative, why hire the IT GEEK?

• Our IT GEEK's know-how, speed and skill can replace a whole IT team.

• Our IT GEEK is the top 1% of technicians on the market

• We understand IT but speak in terms comprehensible for everyone

How does it all work?

ETTEA Services how does it work
Select a serviceChoose between the Business Booster and IT Geek
ETTEA Services how does it work
Fill in our form and book a callAfter answering a few questions, you'll get a link to schedule a meeting.
ETTEA Services how does it work
Let's meet at a call!Here we'll help with your tech demands and consult your IT network.

Frequently asked question

We offer 2 services: Business Booster and IT Geek. Our Business Booster professionals are here to help with IT stategy, effectivity and network design in the form of consultations. Our IT Geeks will work out all IT related technical tasks like migrations, integrations or configurations. Both services are charged on an hourly basis. Services may be purchased by adding them in your cart, just as you in on any other online store.

Yes. We can help you no matter where you are in the world! All of our services happen online and via offsite access like Teamviewer.

Our team will contact you within the next 24 hours. We'll set up a call or send you a questionnaire based on your purchased service. After understading the issue, we'll start planning the next steps - be it accessing your network remotely, working out a strategic plan or scheduling consultation meetings.

No worries, email us or schedule a free 15 minute call! One of our experts will recommend the right service and amount of hours based on your situation.