Sharing our know-how worldwide

In 2019 our parent company ETTEA Solutions celebrated 10 years of successfully helping our EU partners overcome technical obstacles and achieve competitive advantage. That is when I realized our team was gifted. Because we know how to resolve IT issues within minutes and guide our customers even remotely, I started thinking: even customers across seas seek to optimize business processes and strengthen their IT efficiency. How can we help? What can we do to provide our know-how in a way that is time-saving, flexible and straightforward?

Pioneers of on-demand IT service

By merging our experience and skill diversity, we launched a groundbreaking on-demand IT service platform. Our services are transparent, reliable and available to global customers offering solutions that get to the core issue instantly. ETTEA Services first spread their wings in 2020 and have been taking an around the globe flight since. 

What matters to us

• Our priority is to support clients in pursuing their business model. ETTEA Services always aim to result in organizational improvement. 

• We approach our activities differently. By developing only two types of services, we  save our and our clients' time and get straight to the problem.

• We are business growth and goal-oriented, and that is why we collaborate with companies that share their ambition and are ready to thrive.

Why ETTEA Services

• We have experience. Seriously. Our team has been facilitating IT excellence for both small businesses and multinational partners for over 10 years.

• We're both techy and friendly. We love strolling through the sophisticated streets of IT, but also building new relationships and talking in the human language.

• We deliver exactly what you pay for. Save money and patience. Forget freelancer headaches or fixed-term contracts. Instead, select a specific service and time to help your brand move forward.